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The vision of this group is to realize the implementation of medical marijuana as a viable therapeutic option. Although legislation has enacted its use in Pennsylvania for a select number of disease states, a number of barriers to implementation exist before comprehensive medical marijuana therapy can become a reality.

This action group hopes to learn from local leaders in medical marijuana policy reform, anticipate these barriers to impelementation, and combine resources to address the root causes that might affect the greatest downstream change. 

Last, this action group hopes to investigate research showing the influence of comprehensive marijuana policy on opioid abuse and overdose in pilot states across the country. Synthesis and analysis of this research may illuminate the role of medical marijuana as an alternative to opiate therapy in the management of long term pain. We hope to investigate this with both precision and urgency and present our findings to experts in pain management.



Andy Atterbury and his contacts at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
Goals and Objectives:
MEET with local leaders in medical cannabis reform: Legislators, Physicians, Activists, Public Health Experts
LEARN as much as possible to determine which root cause might affect the greatest number of downstream factors
PLAN to enact change by accumulating a diverse team and pooling resources
ACT by swaying legislators, educating health care professionals, and enacting health policy reform
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