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By Amar Karodkar - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Health activism can take many forms, but the announcement yesterday by Amazon, JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway, could be one of the largest in shaping the future of health care. On July 9, Atul Gawande, American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher, will become the new CEO of the nonprofit created by these three corporate giants aimed at reducing healthcare costs.

Gawande has long been an advocate for innovative approaches to health care and has a reputation as a visionary leader who cares deeply about patient safety. There are few so well suited to take on this challenge of our health care system. Gawande brings a breadth of insight into the effort of forging an innovate and compassionate solution to the inefficient and wasted healthcare costs in the United States.

Among the many potential opportunities presented in Gawande's leadership, his close work with one of our Health Reform Advisors, Neel Shah, gives Gawande great insight into the challenges facing maternal mortality and knowledge of important advocacy groups like our friends at March for Moms.

We will watch closely with hope and curiosity as Gawande leads this new venture into the critical world of healthcare affordability.

Read more about this breaking news on The Washington Post.

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