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The Health Activist Expo returns at the end of November with innovative solutions to some of Pittsburgh’s greatest health care problems. In its second year, the Health Activist Expo is the culminating presentation for the participants of the Salk Health Activist Fellowship, a ten-week program that provides a deep dive into changing practice, policy, and perspectives around a health issue. This year thirty-two fellows, from undergraduate students to seasoned professionals in various fields, will present their projects that target specific problems within the health care system.

The Fellows come from a wide range of twenty different disciplines, including medicine, healthcare administration, education, social work, nursing, pharmacy, health management systems, occupational therapy, psychology, public health, public policy, community engagement, and microbiology. The health issues that drive their passions are also just as varied. The Salk Health Activist Fellows are working to address challenges that include maternal health and the maternal mortality crisis; immigrant and refugee health; a health needs assessment of elder LGBTQ individuals; improving low-income families’ access to child resources; solutions for physician burnout; and various programs to address social determinants of health like health literacy and transportation.

We all know the health care system in the U.S. faces numerous challenges and gaps. Now it’s time to hear some creative solutions. Enjoy an evening learning about the future of health care in Pittsburgh.

Health Activist Expo
Thursday, November 29
6:00 - 8:00pm
August Wilson Center
Pittsburgh, PA

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