The Health Activist Network is excited to announce a directed effort to unite health activists to impact three primary focus areas:

  • Adolescent Behavioral Health Crises – suicide is now the second leading cause of death among teens nationally. In Allegheny County, 35% of teens reported intentionally hurting themselves in the past year.

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You can join the statewide Adolescent Behavioral Health Advocacy Coalition to receive notices about future calls and policy alerts. We will discuss the policy solutions, share resources, identify the right action at the right time, mobilize concerted efforts, and monitor and celebrate our successes. There is an Action Group Call on May 8 you can attend.    

  • Maternal Mortality and Perinatal Failures – more moms are dying today than 20 years ago due to pregnancy-related deaths. The maternal mortality rate in the U.S. is now three times higher than other developed country.

MH march for moms buttonWe are joining with WHAMglobal and a number of other local Pittsburgh organizations to raise awareness for the maternal mortality rates at the upcoming Pittsburgh Marathon on May 6. Join us as part of the national March for Moms event.

  • Reinvesting in Health – $750 billion is wasted in health care in the U.S. every year, and it is time to reinvest those dollars into health services that matter and improve health. By identifying and removing non-value-added care, investments can be made into new services.

The urgency and timely opportunities for these areas have attracted the Health Activist Network to identify these three focus areas.

Over the past year since we’ve begun the Health Activist Network, we’ve brought together hundreds of healthcare professionals in person for activist and educational events, and have connected an additional couple hundred activists online. This connection and education has been with the goal of helping inspire health activists to create the health system you want. This is just the beginning. As we enter phase two and begin to focus our efforts, we hope to see an even stronger wave of change in health care practice and policy.

Beginning next month, we’ll be posting regular blog updates to tell the stories of our three focus areas. We also want to hear your stories, how these areas have impacted you and how you envision a change. Please submit a blog or send us an email with your ideas.

Although the focus of the Network will be on these three areas, health activists are still encouraged to create your own action groups and submit blogs about a specific health system issue.

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