2017 Salk Fellow Spotlight Series: Wilson Mui Image
Wilson Mui at the Health Activist Expo talking about his project, "On Drugs".

Wilson Mui is a student at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a Master of Public Policy and Management, focusing on drug and crime policy reform. As a recent 2017 Jonas Salk Health Activist Fellow, Wilson created a pod cast called “On Drugs” and plans to interview those who have experience with drugs, addiction, treatment, benefits, harms, research, or drug policy. He hopes that he will be able to help change how we as a society talk about drugs. 

“I think where I best fit actually is as an activist, as somebody who either brings people together, interprets data, and then translates somehow into policy or be a legislative director, or some roll like that. And I think the Salk fellowship just fell right in line in teaching me how to do that and putting me into connection with the right people, because I think that’s another big part of it, that a lot of it is just connecting to more people and having the first line of connection and knowing how to expand from every single node and connecting to more and more people and I think the Salk Fellowship helps me do that and that’s why I chose it.”

Watch the full video here.

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