2017 Salk Fellow Spotlight Series: Andrew Atterbury Image
Andrew Atterbury

Andrew is a third-year student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy. He is dedicated to bringing innovation and creativity to  healthcare and the science of medicine. His passion and dedication inspired his project, "The Therapeutic Use of Cannibis: An Exercise in Patient Advocacy and a Novel Approach to Opioid Abuse," for the 2017 Jonas Salk Health Activist Fellowship. His vision for this project is to provide support for medicinal marijuana as a viable therapeutic option, while staying passionate about and true to giving patients a voice - especially to protect their rights. During his time in the fellowship, Andy met with local leaders in medical cannabis reform to identify root causes that create barriers to implementation, with the hopes of acting to affect the greatest number of downstream factors around access.  Andy has created a diverse team, pooled resources to sway legislators, and educated health care professionals around him. 

“I have always been sort of passionate about this, but I never thought of this as something I could foreseeable do because it is [kinda] taboo in the medical field, until I came into contact with one of my professors at the school of pharmacy. He really empowered me and he really laid out a lot of the problems Pittsburgh is going to face and how pharmacists being trained in the admin[istration] of drugs for patient use are really the most equipped to take on this challenge and really he laid out to me [the] urgency of this problem”

Watch the full video here and join his Action Group today! 



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