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Maria Violante


Maria is a current Master of Occupational Therapy student at the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. As a 2017 Jonas Salk Health Activist Fellow, Maria has been working on a set of modules called RoOT: Reforming Occupational Therapy Diversity and Inclusivity Education. Maria's plan for these modules is that they be used to help break down key concepts in diversity education that can be paired with skills for students to learn. These skills will serve as a launching point to understand diversity and inclusivity in a way that can be applied when dealing with patients.  We are looking forward to seeing where this project goes and how it will be implemented!  

"I wanted to go from being frustrated to understanding where this problem was coming from. I don’t think anyone in my program or any health care provider wakes up and says ‘I am going to do something discriminatory today,’ so I really think it comes from a place of not understanding, or not knowing how to apply the things that you know.”

Watch the full video of our interview with Maria here.
To follow the discussion on RoOT, join her action group here. Also, check out her website featuring the modules for RoOT!

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