• Mission: The Health Activist Network empowers health professionals to create the health system in which they want to work.

    Launched in 2017, the Health Activist Network is an in-person and online hub for health professionals from across the continuum to create the health system we all need by accelerating policy and care delivery improvements. Through the Network, interdisciplinary health professionals have the opportunity to attend in-person and virtual events, learn from national health reform advisors, build local and national advocacy networks, and acquire the tools and training needed to lead improvements in their work settings.

    In 2018, the Health Activist Network established three main focus areas: strengthening the adolescent behavioral health safety net, reducing maternal mortality and perinatal failures , and removing waste from the health system and reinvesting the savings in services that improve health.

    The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative manages the Health Activist Network, with funding from the DSF Charitable Foundation and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation. The online Health Activist Network tools are powered by Tomorrow's HealthCare™.

  • If you are a health professional who wants to create a better health system and are interested in patient safety, quality, and affordability, you belong with the Health Activist Network. The Health Activist Network is a coherent force for creating a better health system: the Network members and Action Groups advocate for safety, quality and affordability through improved health practices and policies.

    We work in a health system that causes 200,000+ patient deaths annually from medical errors, wastes 35% of spending, and provides recommended care only half of the time. As Health Activist Network members, we believe it’s time to create the health system that we and our patients deserve—a system that:

    • is free of waste and errors
    • provides evidence-based practices
    • partners with patients on their journey to better health
    • improves people’s behavioral, social, and physical health
    • offers affordable health care
    • treats patients compassionately
    • tracks data to drive continuous learning and improvement
    • empowers providers with training in safety science and quality engineering
    • reports access, quality, and cost information to the public, and
    • operates under policies that support this type of health system

    Join the online Health Activist Network by clicking here.

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    To support you in this work, Health Activist Network members receive access to the online platform powered by Tomorrow's HealthCare™, in-person events, virtual events, and opportunities to learn from national health reform experts and advisors. Members will also have the opportunity to apply for upcoming Champions Programs, which provide health professionals with tools and training to lead improvements in their work settings.
    If you would like more information, please contact us at info@healthactivistnetwork.org. Become a member today.

  • Robert Ferguson Avatar

    Robert Ferguson, ferguson@JHF.org, Health Activist Network Director, Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative
    Scotland Huber Avatar

    Scotland Huber, huber@JHF.org, Health Activist Network Manager, Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative
    If you would like more information, please contact us at info@healthactivistnetwork.org
  • The Health Activist Network provides opportunities to learn from national health reform advisors, including:
    Stuart Altman Avatar

    Stuart Altman, PhD, MA, Sol C. Chaikin Professor of National Health Policy, Brandeis University
    Vineet Arora Avatar

    Vineet Arora, MD, MAPP, Associate Professor of Medicine, The University of Chicago Medicine
    Ann Hwang Avatar

    Ann Hwang, MD, Director of the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation, Community Catalyst
    Michael L. Millenson

    Michael L. Millenson, President, Health Quality Advisors, LLC
    Neel Shah, MD, MPP

    Neel Shah, MD, MPP, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Delivery Decisions Initiative at the Ariadne Labs for Health Systems Innovation
    Bruce Vladeck, PhD

    Bruce Vladeck, PhD
    If you would like more information, please contact us at info@healthactivistnetwork.org

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